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Can I change my plan later? Subscriptions
Sure! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan from within your account at any time.
Can I pay monthly? Subscriptions
No - at the moment the subscriptions are purchased on an annual basis in advance.
Do you have to be an accountant? Subscriptions
Yes - You will need to be an accountant or bookkeeper who is in Practice to use this software.
Do you offer a free trial? Subscriptions
No - we currently do not offer a free trial - once a subscription is purchased you will have full access to the application for 12 months, including updates, fixes, new features and templates for FREE.
Accounting Equation Glossary
The formula that is the basis of double-entry bookkeeping. Assets = Source of Funds - Liabilities
Accrual Glossary
The accruals process allows a business to adjust the monthly accounts for payments made in arrears. This process is the reverse of prepayments.
APR Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Annual Percentage Rate'.
CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Glossary
The 'Construction Industry Scheme' (CIS) sets out the rules for how payments to subcontractors for construction work must be handled by contractors in the construction industry.
Cr Glossary
Abbreviation for Credit when referring to transactions or a double entry item
Dr Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Debit' when referring to transactions or a double entry item.
P&L Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Profit and Loss' or 'Profit & Loss'.
PAYE Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Pay as You Earn'.
SAP Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Statutory Adoption Pay'.
SMP Glossary
'Abbreviation for Statutory Maternity Pay'.
SPP Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Statutory Paternity Pay'.
TB Glossary
Abbreviation for Trial Balance
VAT Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Value Added Tax'.
WIP Glossary
Abbreviation for 'Work In Progress'.